New Paper from the CRES Team

Authors on right. Top to bottom: Tim Howles, John Reader, Martin Hodson

A number of those involved in running CRES have considerable publication records, and we have published everything from very popular works to highly academic tomes. But it is unusual for members of the CRES team to work together on an academic article. In October 2018 we published: ‘Creating an Ecological Citizenship’: Philosophical and Theological Perspectives on The Role of Contemporary Environmental Education. This peer-reviewed journal paper is a result of a collaboration between Rev Dr Timothy Howles (who was our speaker at the CRES residential in September 2018 and is now a CRES local tutor), Rev Dr John Reader (The Senior Tutor of the CRES Diploma) and Dr Martin J. Hodson (The Principal Tutor for CRES). It came out of a conference looking at Laudato Si that was held at Campion Hall in Oxford in December 2017. The paper is behind a paywall, but if anyone would like a PDF copy please email