New Paper Published!

New Paper Published!

We are pleased to announce that Ji Young Jung from South Korea, who graduated from the CRES Certificate course in 2019 has published a version of her dissertation work in the Korean Journal “Theology and Society“. The abstract is below, and the paper is in English.

The Issues of Environmental Official Development Assistance and a Christian Missiological Response

Environmental problem has been a crucial agenda in the discussion of international development. There has been a growing increase in environmental aid for bilateral development assistance. At the same time, there have been skeptical views on whether environmental aid is producing positive synergy in terms of addressing the interlinked environmental and developmental challenges. Against this backdrop, this paper points out the two predominant issues of the current environmental aid. One is defining the purpose and the direction of aid. The other is inefficient aid management largely due to aid fragmentation and government-oriented project, which may hinder the capacity building of a recipient country. In response to these problems, this paper suggests important principles from the Christian missiological perspective which offers more holistic insight for addressing environmental and developmental challenges.

The link to Ji Young’s paper is here:

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