Rob Hitchcock

Rob Hitchcock

The course is well worth the effort and investment. A carefully selected set of initial books is provided as part of the course, which helps one get underway quickly. Further books can be obtained on-line, or borrowed from the CRES library on the study days. Of course the internet is a boundless source also.

Study guides are provided for each module and contain references to further reading.

It was great to have a tutor allocated throughout who could advise on different aspects of the course and subject matter. They can also ensure that the right balance of effort is given to the scientific and theological dimensions.

Essays are double marked by the tutor and the senior tutor, and detailed feedback is provided.

The requirement to maintain a work diary was an innovation for me, but a very helpful one. This discipline helps underpin one’s growth in knowledge of the subject matter and of current developments. The work diary is marked by the senior tutor. I still add jottings into it now (albeit a bit less tidy!).

The CRES study days are great opportunities to meet like-minded people, and to hear some “top drawer” speakers on different topics. A good lunch is thrown in also! The beautiful setting of Ripon College in Cuddesdon (near Oxford) is a refreshing contrast for any of us that live in urban or semi-urban areas.

The CRES residentials give one a chance to join a field trip, to spend more time with CRES colleagues, and to explore the college further!

The course provides an excellent introduction to the field of environmental studies and how our Christian beliefs need to have a significant bearing on our understanding of and relationship with the natural world.