I have really enjoyed my time studying with CRES. I have a geography background and the fieldwork and opportunity to look at topics from a Christian point of view drew me into the course.

I found the first unit Living World to be exactly what I wanted … lots of practical tasks. From there as I worked through the units my interest grew in seeking to care for God’s creation in the urban Evangelical church where I am a member. I became aware of Eco church and many organisations with environmentally friendly agendas.

I enjoyed the fieldtrip day around a farm in the local area and the opportunity to meet with like-minded people from various Christian backgrounds. My study resulted from my growing realisation that many Evangelical churches were not dealing with stewardship of the environment as adequately as they could or, should be doing. This prompted me to develop the church gardens to help with mental and physical wellbeing based around scriptures such as Psalm 23.

This course has made me better informed and able to encourage others to see the World and our responsibility to it in a more meaningful and useful way. Going forward the church garden project will be expanded to make useful links in the neighbourhood and already I have been asked to talk to others about the project.

I would recommend this course to any seeking to develop a knowledge of Creation Care as it is flexible and offers both online and face to face learning and interaction.